Participant Results from First 2 Trials

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Jenny Collins
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Participant Results from First 2 Trials

Post by Jenny Collins » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:15 pm

Hello Forum Friends and Followers!

I'm excited to share with you some of the reports provided by the parents or caregivers whose children participated in one of our first two trials. These parents played the blessings (for the thalamus or boundaries in the body) for their kids on low volume every night for 5 weeks.

There was change in many—not all—of the kids. Some of the changes, like coordination and willingness to try new foods, were quite a surprise to us, being well outside the functions we targeted.


Social Engagement
"Last week he called me over to see a fly that had gotten trapped in our hallway. He wasn't distressed by it, he just wanted to show me something he'd found. I couldn't think of another instance like that where he had ever interacted with me for interaction sake."
"He is generally more loving and cooperative since starting the recordings. He has given unsolicited hugs and expressed gratitude to me."
"His case manager came to look over his progress. Based on last year's report, she said, 'I'm looking at a totally different kid.' He's made a lot of progress."
Trying New Things
"He's eating a better variety of foods and without the suggestions coming first from me."
"He even tried some new and different texture foods with little complaint and actually ate it. That is unusual for him."
"I'm glad to have taken part as we definitely saw him do lots of new things."
Physical Changes
"He finally trained his bowel movements about 1 week after the blessings started. That is something that we had been working on for months and months. This was a huge victory and there have been no accidents since then."
"Overall, we have noticed his stimming has decreased by about 50%."
Emotions & Communication
"Since starting the blessings [our daughter] has been in a fantastic mood, much more joyful and relaxed."
"Overall, he's more resilient to things that used to bother him."
"Before the blessings started, he was talking two word sentences. Since the blessings, he has increased in back and forth conversations and has shown an interest in what others are doing at the home and describing what he sees."
"They make more eye contact and I was impressed with a volcano sized meltdown, come under control in only a few minutes."
"From our last report - emotions are more stable from the very wide reactions we had at one stage. His verbal communication is also improving all the time."
"Something else I've noticed is a huge improvement in his hand-eye coordination. He is suddenly doing things he has not done before and with great coordination."
"His coordination is continuously improving and a big thing that happened in the last week is his coordination on his bike. He was riding with training wheels for the longest time and last week told me to take them off. He got on and was just going. He is now riding so well, he does jumps over rocks and rides up and down steep drive ways. In a matter of a few days, he is now flying on his bike.

He is also managing to maneuver through tight spots with remarkable ease. For example he will drive into the garage, till he is very close to the front wall and make a VERY sharp turn between (the other kids bikes lying there) and not even flinch. That was a huge thing for us."
We launched the second round of these trials with a new group last week. Since we have "measurable", "verifiable" results, we're eager to see what kind of "sustained" changes happen over time as we continue.

:arrow: If you or someone you know is interested in participating in one of our future trials, send me an email at and we can begin a dialogue. This is a multi-year project, so if you are a parent of an ASD child at home, there is a good chance of participating in an upcoming test group.

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